Who is Sarah?

Sarah Walker, Pastor Justin Walker’s wife, is a devout servant of the Lord, and has dedicated the full efforts of her life to service of God’s children. She has been serving as the S&L Kids teacher up until August of 2020, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. The strength, courage, and faith that she has exibited has been a shining image of Christ’s power and sacrifice. The blessings that The Lord has giving through Sarah is innumerable, and the impact that she’s had on all of our lives could fill a stadium.

 We are deeply blessed and thankful for all that you have done for our family during this time. We appreciate the meals, gifts, cards, phone calls, texts, and words of encouragement. As we continue to work through this, your continued prayers are coveted.

~ Sarah Walker

How can I help?


We’re making shirts! These are going to be 20$, and shipping will be available. We will be providing a pickup date in the future at Salt & Light, and we will also be selling extras for cash and check. More info can be found on the Fundraiser’s Facebook page.


Want to give directly? We have a GoFundMe (link below) and all proceeds will go directly to Sarah Walker. If you want to write a check, please make it out to Justin Walker and turn it in during offering on Sunday.

Meal Train

We have a meal train setup to help provide for the Walker Family! The month of August has been filled, but we still need volunteers for September. Please consider helping us lift one of the many loads from their shoulders.