Salt & Light Youth

The teenage years are some of the most important years in ones life. As a help along the way, Salt and Light Baptist offers our youth program. Our youth program helps to bring biblical aspect to current issues that teens face today. The world is full of distractions, especially away from God. We’re here to offer perspective and guidance for teens to keep their lives focused on Jesus.

S&L Youth is a place for teens in middle and high school to belong. From weekly bible studies, to event nights and on to mission trips, our teens are encouraged in their relationship to Jesus.

Robert Davis

Youth Pastor

A little bit about me. I am a husband, father, Youth Pastor, U.S. Navy veteran, lover of all coffee, and a computer nerd. I was saved by God at 13, baptized by immersion at 14, called to ministry at 15, but did not fully surrender until I was 38. I am also a survivor of child abuse. I have endured it all, even things that no child should ever endure. It has affected me for years and Satan, to this day, tries to use that history against me.

What gave me a renewed passion for ministry was realizing that I needed to use the pain I endured as my inspiration to serve a holy God. I remember asking the kinds of questions that some people are afraid to ask, or ask when they are experiencing tremendous pain and hurt. I have asked questions like “God why did you let it happen to me?”, “God, do you really love me?”, “God, where are you during all of this?” It was April of 2018 that I decided I was tired of running from the call of God, and dive all in to whatever He wanted.

I am now all in with ministry. I love mentoring the students, challenging them to never accept the status quo. I spend time with them, to include basketball and video games. God has truly blessed me with these students.


Youth Events: